New Apex Legends Firing Range Update Teased in Cryptic Season 17 Teaser

Apex Legends

Get ready, Apex Legends fans! Season 17 is almost here, and Respawn Entertainment has dropped a cryptic teaser hinting at some exciting new changes coming to the game’s Firing Range. The teaser appeared in the game on April 13, and while it may require some effort to find, it’s well worth it for fans who are eager to get a glimpse of what’s to come.

Searching for the Teaser

To find the teaser, players will need to venture to the back of the Firing Range, past the dummies and square targets. There, they’ll find three sets of stairs that lead to a mysterious cargo box labeled “Asset Migration Initiative.” The box promises long-requested additions to the Firing Range, and its contents provide some intriguing clues about what we can expect in Season 17.

What to Expect in the New Firing Range

The box notes that it was designed to be transferred to the “Dynamic Testing Facility” on Solace. Since Solace is the planet where Kings Canyon and the Firing Range are located, it seems that the box has made it to the right planet. The Dynamic Testing Facility has roots in Titanfall 2, where it was an IMC facility full of shifting platforms and structures where Jack Cooper and BT first took down Ash.

Based on the clues in the box, it seems likely that the Firing Range will receive some updates in Season 17. The lot number on the box, “#S17FR2K23RSPN,” may translate to “season 17 Firing Range 2023 Respawn.” If this is true, players can expect to see some significant quality-of-life improvements in the game’s test environment soon.

One-vs-One Me, Bro

Many Apex Legends players have been clamoring for changes to the Firing Range for some time. The current season brought some much-needed buffs, including the ability to enable dummies to strafe and fire back, as well as infinite ammo. However, many players still want more. They’ve been asking for small buildings and other structures to be added to some of the Firing Range’s open areas, so they can practice one-vs-one fights with their friends.

If the hints in the teaser line up the way they seem to, it’s entirely possible that players will get their wish in Season 17. The Dynamic Testing Facility was famous for its assembly line structures in Titanfall 2, so it’s easy to imagine a one-vs-one arena being added to the Firing Range.

Final Thoughts

It’s still too early to say exactly what the new Firing Range updates will be, but based on the hints dropped in the teaser, it’s clear that Respawn Entertainment is committed to providing Apex Legends fans with a high-quality gaming experience. Season 17 is shaping up to be an exciting one, and we can’t wait to see what other surprises are in store for us. So, get ready to test your skills in the new Firing Range, and let the games begin!

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