PS Plus to Expand Game Collection with 16 Exciting Titles
Sony has announced the much-awaited expansion of its PS Plus catalog. From April 18, gamers will be able
There will be consequences if Overwatch League’s localization fails
Localization is complicated. It’s a seismic undertaking that requires immense preparation and dedication
The chats during live esports tournaments are a form of torture
Live productions have been casually interested in live feedback from their audience for some time now.
Super Smash Bros
A few big, easy-to-miss techs to know for when you watch Melee
We’ve finally returned to our regularly scheduled programming here at Qrank only for any kind of normal
Super Smash Bros
Here’s what it takes to beat MKLeo
Ultimate has an apex predator. His name is Leonardo “MKLeo” López Pérez, and just got signed SK Telecom
Super Smash Bros
The never-ending quest for good single player modes in fighting games
Fighting games weren’t made to be single player. They were born as arcade cabinets that made more sense
Dota 2
Dota 2 is damaging its competitive scene by being unfriendly to new players
Dota 2 tournaments, especially the yearly International, are still the best esports events to watch.
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