Counter-Strike 2 to Use Nvidia Reflex for Reduced Latency and Improved Gameplay Experience

Counter-Strike-2 CS:GO

Valve’s upcoming game, Counter-Strike 2, will be using Nvidia Reflex to decrease latency and increase responsiveness for players using Nvidia graphics cards.

This technology is designed with esports in mind, shortening the render queue between a player’s input on the mouse and keyboard to when it is displayed on the monitor as a gameplay effect. The software will enable the CPU to sample inputs at the last possible millisecond, reducing the time between when a player clicks and when their in-game character fires.

Nvidia Reflex is an end-to-end SDK that needs to be incorporated by game developers, and it has already been implemented in popular online multiplayer shooters like Fortnite and Valorant. Counter-Strike GO, however, does not currently support Reflex, making it noteworthy that CS2 will use it right out of the gate.

The software has been touted to reduce latency by up to 35 percent, with the greatest benefits being felt on setups with high-speed monitors of 120Hz or higher, and Nvidia graphics cards. Interestingly, the technology will work on graphics cards as old as the 2014 GeForce GTX 900 series, making it accessible to players without the latest hardware.

For gamers, latency can be a significant issue, often resulting in frustration and lost matches. With Nvidia Reflex, players can expect a more responsive gameplay experience.

Overall, this is an exciting development for the gaming community, and it will be interesting to see how other games and game developers adopt this technology moving forward.

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