CS:GO Players Criticize New Tickrate System in Counter-Strike 2


CS:GO players have recently been up in arms over the new subtick system that has been implemented in Counter-Strike 2. This system, which was introduced on March 22, is designed to improve the responsiveness of the game’s movement and shooting mechanics. However, many players are unhappy with the way it is currently functioning.

One CS:GO fan took to Reddit to showcase just how the new subtick system is affecting gameplay. In a video posted online, the player can be seen hitting an enemy accurately on their client side (represented by a red square), only for the server to register the shot as hitting the ground (represented by a blue square). Additionally, the tracer from the bullet fired from the AWP can be seen following directly into the opponent’s torso, leaving a trace on the wall behind them.

The author of the video pointedly mocked the developers’ slogan “what you see is what you get,” highlighting the discrepancies between what players see on their screens and what the server registers. Many players are frustrated that their shots are not counting properly, and they feel that the new system is negatively impacting the game’s competitive integrity.

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