How Smoke Grenades Revolutionized Counter-Strike 2 Gameplay


Smoke grenades have always been a vital tool in the arsenal of Counter-Strike players. They have been used to block sightlines, obscure movements, and mask strategic maneuvers. However, with the release of Counter-Strike 2, smoke grenades have undergone a transformation that has altered the game’s dynamics significantly.

Dynamic Smoke Mechanics

One of the most significant changes is the introduction of dynamic volumetric particles in smoke grenades. These particles now interact with the game environment, which means they can move through open doors and broken windows, descend and ascend stairs, and travel through corridors. This has made smoke grenades more versatile and unpredictable, allowing players to create new strategies and approaches.

The ability to shoot and explode grenades within smoke is another game-changer. Previously, smoke was impenetrable and obscured everything. Now, players can disperse smoke by shooting or exploding grenades, creating temporary openings in the smoke that enable them to spot their opponents.

Interacting with Map Objects

Another change that has improved smoke grenades is their interaction with objects on the map. Smoke now responds to light and interacts with objects like boxes, walls, and doors. For instance, if a smoke grenade is thrown near a box, the box remains visible through the smoke, enabling players to see their opponents’ movements.

Impact on Game Meta

With these new mechanics, it is undeniable that the balance of power has shifted in favor of the Counter-Terrorists. Smoke set-ups and scripted rounds, which were once integral to the Terrorist’s game, will lose their significance. Every Counter-Terrorist can now briefly reveal smoke using fragmentation grenades or shots, giving them an edge.

However, in competitive games, fake-outs and ninja defuses will still be valuable. Players can use them to disperse smoke and gain information about enemy movements, making them a powerful tool in the hands of skilled players.

Will the era of one-way smokes end with the release of Counter-Strike 2?

In the new version of the shooter, one-way smokes will no longer exist. In CS:GO, smoke is displayed differently from different perspectives. Now, you cannot throw a smoke grenade in such a way that you can see your opponent through the smoke, but they cannot see you.

With the Source 2 engine and the new tickrate system, smoke grenades will be displayed the same way for all players. We will no longer see tricky smokes that could give an advantage on the map. However, were one-way smokes a problem that needed to be fixed?

These types of smokes were more of a feature than a bug. You had to specifically search for and learn them, and they could distinguish a novice player from an experienced one. In “Silver,” you could get an ace with a one-way smoke because opponents wouldn’t know where you were shooting from, while in “Global” or at the 10th level of FACEIT, you could be killed with one shot to the head through such a smoke because everyone knows where you are hiding.

New grenade training process

Smoke trajectory preview Counter-Strike 2 has a feature that allows players to preview the trajectory of a grenade’s flight in the game with bots. When a player is holding a smoke in their hands, they can see in a window that appears on the left side of the screen where it will land.

This feature allows CS enthusiasts and professional players to find the perfect positions for grenade throws. You no longer have to spend hours searching for the perfect smoke or instant flash. Previewing the trajectory of the smoke will significantly simplify the process of grenade training.

In addition, the developers removed the skyboxes. This allows for new tricks with grenades, particularly with smokes. Everything will depend on the player’s imagination.


In conclusion, the new smoke mechanics in Counter-Strike 2 have revolutionized the gameplay. While some strategies have become obsolete, new ones have emerged, and players must adapt to stay competitive. The ability to disperse smoke using grenades and the interaction with map objects has given players more control and unpredictability, making the game more exciting. It remains to be seen how these changes will impact the game’s future, but one thing is sure; smoke grenades will remain a vital part of Counter-Strike’s gameplay.

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