It’s been almost two weeks since Valve launched Counter-Strike 2 in limited test access to collect feedback from the playerbase, and while casual players and personalities enjoyed it in the beginning, some are tired already and are begging Valve to make changes.

Same Opponents and Repetitive Maps Leave Players Wanting More

The main complaint about the state of CS2’s limited access is that players are running into the same people in their games because Valve is keeping this beta period restrictive. Players are also tired of playing Dust II over and over again. The map is a staple in the CS franchise, but some players can’t stand playing it anymore, especially if they’ve played since the CS 1.6 or CS: Source days.

“It was fun until the 50th Dust II match,” one Redditor said about CS2’s limited test. “I really hope for a new wave of invites, I really want to try CS2, test smokes, and just see how the game that I spent almost 10 years of my life changes,” another Redditor said.

Will Valve Respond to Player Feedback?

It’s currently unclear if Valve will allow more players to get into CS2’s limited test, however. Players gain access based on the following criteria: their recent playtime on Valve official servers, trust factor, and Steam account standing. Dot Esports reached out to Valve regarding this matter but has received no response at this time.

Adding More Maps Could Satisfy Players

If Valve is planning to keep CS2 limited as it is until the worldwide release this summer, it could at least add more maps for players to test, especially the ones that have been completely reworked in Source 2 like Overpass.

Limited Test Serves its Purpose Despite Boredom

Even though the limited test is seemingly becoming boring for players, it’s serving its purpose. Valve is listening to feedback and getting rid of game-breaking bugs such as the wall-hack command at a fast pace.

Final Thoughts

As the limited test continues, players are getting restless for a change of scenery. Valve’s silence on the matter has not helped matters either. However, the fact that they are listening and addressing issues is a good sign. Let’s hope that they take the players’ feedback into account and make the necessary changes to keep Counter-Strike 2 fresh and exciting for everyone.

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