Valve revealed the first maps on the Source 2 engine (Video)


Valve has recently unveiled a trailer for Counter-Strike 2, showcasing updated versions of maps on the Source 2 engine. The game developers have made various adaptations to the locations, ranging from simple texture improvements to full remakes using all available engine tools.

The classic maps, such as Dust2, have been updated with improved lighting and model readability, but have not undergone any other changes. On the other hand, enhanced maps like Nuke have received a new Source 2 lighting system, providing players with realistic textures, lighting, and reflections.

The developers have also utilized even more engine capabilities when recreating locations from scratch, such as Overpass. All of these tools, including those used in the Master Workshop Steam, will be available to players.

Apart from the updated maps, Counter-Strike 2 will also feature a reworked tickrate system and a more realistic grenade smoke behavior model. The game is set to be released in the summer of 2023, and closed testing has already begun. Fans of the franchise can expect an exciting and improved gaming experience with the upcoming release of Counter-Strike 2.

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