Top Heroes in Dota 2 Patch 7.33c: Collapse Reveals the Powerhouses

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Dota 2 enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the strongest heroes in each patch, and this time, a renowned offlaner from the Eastern European team RU Team Spirit, Magomed “Collapse” Khalilov, has taken to Twitter to share his insights. In this article, we’ll dive into Collapse’s list of the mightiest heroes in the current Dota 2 patch, 7.33c. Brace yourselves, fellow gamers, as we explore the heroes that dominate the battleground!

Carry Heroes: Unleashing the Phantom Lancer and Medusa

Leading the charge in the carry role, Collapse ranks two heroes as the crème de la crème. First up, we have the elusive and relentless Phantom Lancer. Known for his ability to create an army of illusions that overwhelm his opponents, this hero poses a significant threat to any team’s defenses.

Joining Phantom Lancer at the top is none other than the formidable Medusa. With her ability to turn enemies into stone and her unrivaled late-game potential, Medusa solidifies her place as one of the most fearsome carries in the current patch. Her ability to withstand heavy damage and return it tenfold makes her a force to be reckoned with.

Offlane Dominance: Underlord, Beastmaster, and More

In the offlane, Collapse identifies a handful of heroes that shine brightly in the current meta. First, we have Underlord, a tanky hero with immense crowd control capabilities. His ability to disrupt enemy formations and provide his team with solid utility makes him a favorite pick for offlane players.

Right alongside Underlord, Beastmaster emerges as a top-tier offlaner. With his loyal beasts by his side, he brings both vision and control to the battlefield. The synergy between his summons and his team’s abilities can create chaos and spell disaster for the enemy.

Doom, armed with powerful auras, secures his spot as a strong offlane hero. His ability to cripple opponents’ abilities and provide additional damage amplification to his team makes him a valuable asset in team fights. Magnus, with his Harpoon, and the relentless Axe also claim their place among the elite offlane heroes, showcasing their potential to turn the tide of battle.

But that’s not all. Ogre Magi, with his fiery presence, imposes his will upon his adversaries. With a combination of strong crowd control and tankiness, this offlane hero proves to be a worthy addition to Collapse’s list.

Midlane Supremacy: Queens and Spirits

Moving on to the midlane, we encounter heroes who possess immense magical prowess and burst damage. Queen of Pain, with her devastating sonic screams and blink abilities, secures her spot as one of the most dominant midlaners in the current patch. Her ability to quickly burst down enemies and control team fights sets her apart from the competition.

Joining the queen is a trio of spirits that embody power and agility. Storm Spirit, Ember Spirit, and Venomancer bring their unique playstyles to the midlane battlefield. Storm Spirit excels at initiating and zipping around the map, making him a tricky target to catch. Ember Spirit’s mobility and ability to unleash fiery remnants onto his foes make him a force to be reckoned with. Meanwhile, Venomancer, with his poisonous arsenal, dominates the midlane with his relentless harassment and ability to control the battlefield.

Support Heroes: Crafty Strategies and Swift Movements

In the support role, Collapse highlights a diverse range of heroes that contribute to their team’s success. Venomancer, already mentioned as a potent midlaner, finds his place among the supports as well. With his ability to spread poison and slow enemies, he provides invaluable control and damage over time.

Techies, the master of traps and explosives, brings chaos and disruption to the game. While his unorthodox playstyle may not appeal to everyone, his ability to control the map and create fear in the hearts of his enemies cannot be underestimated.

Mirana, known for her versatile skill set and arrow-sniping precision, shines as a support hero. Her ability to initiate fights with well-aimed arrows and provide vision for her team ensures her spot in Collapse’s list.

But the support heroes don’t stop there. Keeper of the Light, with his blinding luminance, illuminates the battlefield and aids his team with constant mana replenishment. Wisp, the ethereal being also known as Io, provides unparalleled global mobility and enables incredible save potential for allied heroes.

Pugna, with his ability to drain enemy health and amplify his team’s magic damage, joins the ranks of the support heroes. The relentless Skywrath Mage, Disruptor with his game-changing glimpse, and the elusive Bounty Hunter, renowned for his cunning and ability to track down enemies, complete Collapse’s lineup of formidable support heroes.

Chen and Enchantress, masters of jungle manipulation and summoning allies, solidify their spots on the list. With their ability to dominate neutral creeps and provide healing and control, these support heroes offer versatility and strategic depth to their teams.

The Patch 7.33c Balancing Act: Shaking Up the Meta

In patch 7.33c, the developers made several adjustments to balance the gameplay of Dota 2. Nearly thirty items, including neutral ones, received modifications, along with changes to seventy heroes. Among the heroes affected by these adjustments are Riki, Spirit Breaker, Medusa, and many others. These changes are aimed at keeping the gameplay fresh and dynamic, ensuring that no hero dominates the meta for too long.

As the Dota 2 community delves deeper into the intricacies of patch 7.33c, Collapse’s insights serve as a valuable guide to understanding the heroes that currently reign supreme. Whether you’re a carry, an offlaner, a midlaner, or a support player, these heroes have proven their mettle in the battlefield and are poised to shape the future of competitive Dota 2. Stay tuned as the battle continues and new strategies emerge in the ever-evolving world of Dota 2!

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