Who Got Nerfed and Buffed in the Latest Dota 2 Patch?

Dota 2

Dota 2 fans were eagerly anticipating the release of the major update, 7.33, but instead, they got patch 7.32e. While it may not have been the most exciting patch, it did address some much-needed balancing issues in the game.

Riki’s Shard ability

Which puts a target to sleep for a long duration, has been a problem for many players due to its overpowered nature. It’s difficult to counterplay and can only be avoided by luxury items like Manta or BKB. The ability has a 63% win rate across 50+ matches in the first Tour of Dota Pro Circuit 2023, making it an undeniably broken hero combo. However, despite the complaints, the ability will remain in 7.32e with a minor nerf to its target range.

Lina Hard Carry

Lina Hard Carry has proven to be the best carry in Dota Patch 7.32d with a 60% win rate across 40 games in DPC 2023. She dominates the midgame and has an affordable item build. Lina’s staple items, Dragon Lance and Gleipnir, have been overpowered previously, making her an ideal carry. In patch 7.32e, Lina received nerfs on every skill and even her primary item, Gleipnir and Hurricane Pike, which have been reduced in range and damage.

Treant Protector

Treant Protector is one of the best support heroes in the game, thanks to his elusiveness and high base attack. However, his prior role as a lane dominator has been affected since his regen passive has been removed while in Nature’s Guise. The removal makes him a hero that struggles in the lane, which is disappointing for players who prefer to play support.

Other losers in patch 7.32e include Naga Siren, Rubick, Drow Ranger, and Broodmother, who have all received nerfs to their abilities, making them less effective in the game. Support players will be disappointed to hear that Guardian Greeves, their favorite support item, has received another nerf since its last update.

Overall, while patch 7.32e may not have been the most exciting patch, it did address some much-needed balancing issues in the game. Players are hoping that the next patch will be more exciting and bring new heroes and abilities to the game.

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