Blizzard has recently released some statistics regarding the early Diablo 4 beta


Revealing that players clocked in nearly 21 million hours in the game. However, users are requesting the company to share all the numbers, including the hours spent waiting in queues and the frequency of game crashes.

The beta, which took place between March 17 and March 20, proved to be a hit amongst the gaming community. According to Blizzard’s report, users collectively played for 20,814,758 hours during this time. Additionally, players recorded a staggering 17,586,363 deaths and killed a total of 9,241,854,409 monsters.

The report also shared some interesting insights on the game’s bosses. For instance, Butcher managed to slay almost 569,000 players, but himself perished only a little over 128,000 times. Meanwhile, Ashawa proved to be an even deadlier foe, with almost 4.3 million players falling victim to him. However, he was defeated a little over 33,000 times.

While these numbers are certainly impressive, users are asking Blizzard to release additional statistics. In particular, they want to know how many hours were spent waiting in queues and how often players were kicked out of the game due to bugs. This data is essential for players to understand the full scope of their experience and for the developers to improve the game’s performance.

In conclusion, the early Diablo 4 beta proved to be a major success, with players spending a combined 21 million hours in the game. However, users are eager to see additional statistics that will provide a more complete picture of their experience.

Diablo 4 early access statistics

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