Blizzard Promises to Fix Diablo 4 Beta Issues Before Release


Blizzard’s Diablo 4 representative, Rod Ferguson, has reassured fans that the game’s release version will not have the same issues that players faced during the beta. During the beta testing, players encountered numerous problems such as server disconnections, character disappearances, optimization issues, and more. While Blizzard has already fixed a significant portion of these issues, many players were left with a negative experience.

Ferguson believes that players’ reactions were too harsh and unfair since the game is still in the testing phase. The majority of the issues that occurred can be resolved before the next beta update, or they may not even exist upon release. Furthermore, Ferguson stated that the development team made dozens of fixes during the first few days of beta testing. However, the results of these updates will be visible to the public from March 24-27 when anyone can access the beta version of the game.

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