Blizzard Promises to Reduce Queues and Solve Problems in Diablo 4 Beta Launch


The launch of Diablo 4 was quite unique. Problems with the game began even at the stage of its inclusion.

Finally, the closed beta of Diablo 4 was launched. Modern Blizzard was not able to properly prepare for the launch, which resulted in a number of problems.

Some who were interested in Diablo 4 couldn’t even start the game. If Diablo 4 did manage to launch, then problems such as long queues awaited players.

The gameplay in Diablo 4 is also not all smooth sailing: a player can be kicked out and end up back in the queue, and defeating a boss can result in the deletion of a character and a new wait in line.

Blizzard published a small statement on the forum. Diablo 4 developers promised to reduce queues, and currently regulate the number of players who have access to the beta for stability.

They will also address crashes, high graphics card and RAM usage, rubber banding (well known to Diablo 3 fans), and other issues.

Blizzard wants to add a more precise queue timer to the open beta (March 24-26), and in the meantime, they urge players to stay in the queue to avoid resetting the timer. Currently, some players can easily wait in Diablo 4 queues for more than 5 hours.

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