Blizzard Releases Reminder Video and Announces Open Beta Test for Diablo 4


Blizzard has completed another round of testing on the new Diablo game and released a reminder video. This weekend marks the start of open beta testing, during which all players can assess the game’s potential.

The most pressing question is: “Will the servers hold up?” Last week, when customers who pre-ordered and players with codes began testing, there were significant issues with the Diablo 4 infrastructure. Players had to wait in queues for long periods, and during gameplay, they encountered various problems and server crashes.

Blizzard fixed the errors and announced fixes, but this weekend will be the real test ahead of the June launch.

From March 24th to 26th, the Diablo 4 open beta test will take place, allowing fans on consoles and PCs to dive into the Prologue and complete the entire first act. Developers will provide access to five character classes: Barbarians, Rogues, Wizards, Necromancers, and Druids. By participating in the test, players can expect three surprises on release day.

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