Diablo 4 Beta Devours Dozens of GBs of Video and RAM, Discrepancy Found in System Requirements


Formal system requirements for Diablo 4 with regards to video and RAM are relatively modest. However, in practice, it’s a different story altogether. According to the minimum system requirements for Diablo 4, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 (2GB) is sufficient for gameplay. However, players have noticed that the Diablo 4 beta is much more demanding than expected.

ShadowEnemy shared a screenshot with the Diablo 4 community, revealing that the beta version of the game requires a whopping 23 GB of video memory. OnSugarHill shared a similar message about Diablo 4’s hunger for resources.

His beta version of the game also consumed the maximum amount of video memory, which is 12 GB for the 6750 XT. There are reports that the Diablo 4 beta may also start consuming RAM. While the formal requirements state that 8 GB is the minimum, with 16 GB recommended, players have reported the game using up to 22 GB out of 32 GB. Prior to Diablo 4, their other games only used up to 10 GB of RAM. Some speculate that Diablo 4 is consuming all available space due to optimization issues.

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