Diablo 4 Fans Rejoice: Most Legendary Abilities Yet to be Revealed, Says Deputy Director


According to the deputy director of Diablo 4, Joseph Pipiora, players haven’t seen the majority of the game’s legendary abilities, despite the beta testing that has taken place so far. Pipiora took to Twitter to share the news, stating that players are far from aware of what the game has to offer.

In his tweet, Pipiora initially suggested that players were unlikely to realize the extent of the “quirky, exciting and absolutely balanced” abilities that would be available in the full version of the game. He went on to explain that during testing, the Force Codex contained less than half of all the existing legendary abilities in the game.

This statement sparked a flurry of excitement from fans, who are eager to discover what other abilities will be available in Diablo 4. Despite the interest, Pipiora did not respond to any further questions from Twitter users.

It seems that players have a lot to look forward to when Diablo 4 is officially released. With so many legendary abilities yet to be revealed, the game promises to be packed full of surprises.

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