If you’re a Diablo 4 fan, you’re probably excited about the upcoming release of the game’s season pass. The good news is that the wait is almost over! In a recent interview with PCGamer, Diablo IV Deputy Game Director Joe Pipiero shed some light on what players can expect from the game’s MMO elements and how the team is balancing classic action-RPG and online game.

Diablo IV: Action-RPG First, MMO Second

According to Pipiero, Diablo IV is first and foremost an action-RPG, and only then an MMO. The game’s open world and player interactions are added to make the world feel bigger, not as an MMO. This means that the team is focused on delivering the best action-RPG experience possible, while still incorporating some MMO elements.

No Endless Grind

If you’re worried about Diablo IV being an endless grind, you can breathe a sigh of relief. According to Pipiero, the game doesn’t force you to do anything indefinitely. There won’t be any such grind in the game. This is great news for players who don’t have endless hours to devote to gaming.

Season Pass: 80 Hours and Counting

One of the most anticipated features of Diablo IV is the season pass. Pipiero revealed that it will take about 80 hours to complete the combat season pass, which will have both free and paid rewards. This means that players who enjoy the game’s combat mechanics will have plenty of content to keep them engaged.

Leveling Up: Just Over 80 Hours

Pipiero also shared that it will take just over 80 hours to level up your character to level 100. This is good news for players who want to experience all the game has to offer, without feeling like they need to grind endlessly. It’s also a good indicator of the game’s overall length and replayability.

Story-Focused Players Welcome

If you’re not interested in combat and just want to experience the story, Pipiero says you’re in luck. The game will allow players to return to take the story quests at any time, without any restrictions. This means that if you’re more interested in the game’s lore and narrative, you won’t have to slog through hours of combat to get to it.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Diablo IV is shaping up to be an exciting addition to the franchise. With a focus on action-RPG gameplay and just enough MMO elements to make the world feel alive, players can expect a satisfying and engaging experience. And with a season pass that will take around 80 hours to complete, there’s plenty of content to keep even the most dedicated players engaged.

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