Diablo 4: The Outlaw Class Takes Center Stage in New Trailer

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Blizzard Entertainment has dropped a new trailer for the highly-anticipated action RPG, Diablo 4. This time, the focus is on the outlaw class – a fan-favorite from the beta testing phase.

The Outlaw: A Deadly force to be reckoned with

The new Diablo 4 trailer showcases the outlaw’s impressive combat skills. This playable class is a master of stealth and efficiency, utilizing a deadly combination of bows and daggers to take down enemies. Their unique ability to strike from the shadows gives them a strategic advantage on the battlefield.

Builds with brigand: Low armor, high mobility

As exciting as the outlaw class may be, it’s not without its drawbacks. Players who opt for a brigand build will need to prioritize low armor and high mobility. This means relying on speed and agility to avoid attacks rather than soaking up damage with heavy armor.

Items to boost attack speed and critical hit chance

To maximize the outlaw’s potential, players should pay close attention to items that increase attack speed and critical hit chance values. With the right gear, the outlaw can become an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.

The outlaw class: a fan-favorite for a reason

Thanks to its effective abilities and mysterious appearance, the outlaw class has quickly become a fan-favorite in the Diablo 4 community. Players looking for a deadly and efficient playstyle should definitely give this class a try.


Diablo 4 is set to release soon, and fans are eagerly anticipating the chance to play as the outlaw. With its unique set of skills and playstyle, the outlaw class is sure to shake things up in the world of Diablo. So get ready to join the outlaw’s guild and take on the forces of evil in style!

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