If you’re eagerly anticipating Diablo IV, then you may have heard some confusing reports about whether or not players will be given a mount during the campaign. Well, fear not, because we have the latest news straight from the developers at Blizzard.

Rumors have been swirling around the internet that players would only be able to acquire a mount after completing the entire campaign in Diablo IV.

However, Assistant Game Director Joe Pepiora has stepped forward to refute these claims. According to Pepiora, the mount will actually be given during the campaign, and not after.

So, when exactly will players be able to get their hands on this coveted mode of transportation? It seems that the mount quest will become available as players progress through the story, specifically during the second act of the game. Once you’ve completed the first act, the horse will be available for all heroes.

But that’s not all – Diablo IV will also have an option to skip the campaign after your first playthrough. So, if you’re not interested in playing through the campaign again with a different character, you can skip it altogether and jump straight into the action.

Excitingly, the release date for Diablo IV is fast approaching, with different editions set to be released on June 2-6 on both PC and consoles. However, before that, final testing of the release version with Act 1 content is set to take place from May 12-14.

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