Disrespectful Treatment: Customers who Pre-Ordered Diablo 4 for $100 Left Frustrated by Long Queues and Technical Issues


The situation surrounding the release of Diablo 4 has left many customers feeling disrespected by Blizzard. Despite paying a premium price of $100 for early access to the game, some customers have found themselves stuck in long queues and facing various technical issues. The start of the closed beta has been far from smooth, with many customers unable to even launch the game.

Access to the Diablo 4 closed beta was available through several channels, including purchasing a pre-order or taking advantage of a collaboration with KFC to buy a special sandwich. Premium editions of the game priced at $90 or $100 promised to allow customers to start playing the release version earlier. However, some customers who opted for the premium pre-order have found themselves in an unpleasant situation.

Interestingly, some customers who purchased a sandwich from KFC for as little as $4 were able to gain access to the game. This has left those who paid $100 for the premium pre-order feeling shortchanged and frustrated. Despite spending significantly more money, they are now stuck in queues due to the influx of participants in the KFC promotion.

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