IO Interactive’s “007” Game Won’t Feature Any James Bond from the Movies


IO Interactive, the creators of the popular Hitman series, will not feature any actors known for playing James Bond in their upcoming game, Project 007. Neither Daniel Craig nor any other actor who has portrayed the famous MI6 agent will be portrayed in the game. The development team will instead bring their own vision of the beloved spy to life.

For the first time since the announcement of Project 007 in 2020, IO Interactive has shared official information about the new game. In an interview, co-owners of the studio, Christian Elverdam and Hakan Abrak, revealed that the virtual face of the MI6 agent will not be modeled after any of the actors who have played the role of James Bond in the past.

The film’s creators were surprised by the openness with which they were met by representatives of EON Productions, the company responsible for producing the James Bond films. The producers granted IO Interactive complete creative freedom in terms of character and plot development, in order to best satisfy the tastes of players.

The developers did not share any details regarding the story or gameplay mechanics of Project 007.

In conclusion, it seems that IO Interactive is taking a bold approach with their upcoming game, Project 007, by not featuring any actors from the popular James Bond film franchise. It will be interesting to see how they bring their own unique vision of the beloved spy to life and whether it will be well-received by fans of the franchise.

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