New Tempest Rising Gameplay Video Shows Strategy Match Between Developers


THQ Nordic and Slipgate Ironworks have just dropped a new gameplay video for the highly anticipated real-time strategy game, Tempest Rising. The video showcases a 20-minute match between game director Frederick Schreiber and lead game designer Brandon Casteel. It provides a sneak peek into base building, battles, and other gameplay elements.


Tempest Rising promises to be an exciting gaming experience, where players will have access to three distinct factions, each with its own unique approach to the economy and war. The video above presents the “Global Defense Force” and their opposition to the “Dynasty of Storm.” Sadly, there’s no mention of the third faction yet.


Gamers eagerly waiting for Tempest Rising’s release need to keep an eye out. The developers have announced that it will be available on PC later this year. While the exact release date remains a mystery, fans can be assured that it won’t be too long before they can dive into the gameplay.

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