The recent open beta testing of Diablo 4 has left players with mixed feelings about the game


While many have expressed their satisfaction with Blizzard’s new work, the overall enthusiasm for the game has waned since the first beta tests.

Reviews of the game are popping up on Reddit and social media platforms, and it seems that players are becoming more critical of the game’s status. The passion for the game is giving way to a sober analysis, which is what happened during the second round of Diablo IV open beta testing.

One of the main criticisms of the game is the appearance of Necromancer skeletons, which the community deems cartoonish. This seemingly minor issue has annoyed players to the point that it’s distracting them from the game itself. Another criticism is the boring and overly simplistic skill tree, which is considered a step back from the number of development options available in Diablo III. The lack of an offline mode is another issue, with many players preferring to participate in an adventure without the presence of other players. The Druid class is also poorly balanced, with the character’s skills not being able to handle bosses well. Additionally, the low camera positioning, excessive running around locations, and the faces and figures of female characters have all been criticized by players.

Despite the criticism, there are still some aspects of Diablo 4 that have received praise. Players have noted the attractive graphics, interesting story, and atmospheric soundtrack. The battles are also considered to be engaging, and some players appreciate that the game is more like Diablo 2 with an open world than Diablo 3. Furthermore, some players enjoy the game’s resemblance to an MMO game, while others do not.

In conclusion, while the open beta of Diablo 4 generated less excitement than it did a week ago, there are still some players who are pleased with the new work by Blizzard. However, the game still faces significant criticism from players, particularly in regards to the appearance of Necromancer skeletons, the overly simplistic skill tree, and the lack of an offline mode.

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