Valve Reveals Last Week’s Top-Selling Products on Steam

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Valve, the popular gaming platform, has released a list of the ten most profitable products sold on Steam from March 19 to 25. Last week’s list saw some changes due to Steam’s recent modifications in its ranking system for the most profitable products. The platform now includes games that generate revenue from micropayments, allowing free games to rank as well. In fact, half of the games on the list were free.

The only major addition to the list last week was the updated version of Resident Evil 4. The game received a lot of positive reviews, set a new record for online gameplay, and debuted in sixth place.

Here is the list of last week’s top-selling products on Steam:

  1. Steam Deck (console)
  2. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (micropayments)
  3. PUBG: Battlegrounds (micropayments)
  4. Apex Legends (micropayments)
  5. Destiny 2 (micropayments)
  6. Resident Evil 4 (new)
  7. Lost Ark (micropayments)
  8. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II
  9. Sons Of The Forest
  10. Stellaris (-75%)

It’s worth noting that micropayment games dominated the list, indicating that the gaming industry is leaning towards a freemium model. It’s also interesting to see that Resident Evil 4, a game that was first released in 2005, is still popular and manages to make its way onto the list.

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