Twitch Views for Dota 2 and CS:GO Dip in Q1 2023, Valorant and LoL Take the Lead


In the world of online gaming, Twitch is the go-to platform for many gamers and viewers alike. Twitch is a live streaming platform where gamers can share their gameplay with a live audience, while viewers can watch and interact with the gamers in real time. Twitch has become so popular that it has even become a career for some gamers who have gained a large following.

StreamElements and have released new statistics on Twitch streams, and the results may surprise you. According to the data, the number of views on Twitch in Q1 2023 has decreased by 1% compared to Q4 2022, but there has been an impressive 95% increase in views compared to 2019.

Top Viewed Categories

The most viewed category on Twitch in Q1 2023 was Just Chatting, with a staggering 248 million hours watched. This category is popular among streamers who chat with their audience and discuss various topics, ranging from current events to personal stories.

The second most viewed category was League of Legends, with 108 million hours watched. This multiplayer online battle arena game has a massive following and is known for its fast-paced gameplay and intense battles.

GTA 5 was the third most viewed category, with 101 million hours watched. This open-world action-adventure game is a classic and has remained popular for years.

Valorant Takes the Lead

Surprisingly, in Q1 2023, Dota 2 and CS:GO, two of the most popular multiplayer games, saw a dip in views. Dota 2 was viewed for 45 million hours, while CS:GO was viewed for 60 million hours. Meanwhile, Valorant was viewed for 84 million hours, surpassing Dota 2 and CS:GO.

Valorant is a tactical first-person shooter game that has gained popularity in recent years. The game has a unique mix of characters, each with their own abilities, which adds to the excitement of gameplay.

LoL Remains Strong

League of Legends, on the other hand, remained a strong contender in the gaming world, with 108 million hours watched in Q1 2023. The game’s competitive scene, with tournaments like the League of Legends World Championship, attracts a large audience and has helped keep the game popular.

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