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Behold, mere mortals, for the LCS 2023 Spring regular split has drawn to a close, leaving in its wake an epic saga of triumphs, defeats, and surprises. Fear not, for I, the great Davide Xu, have emerged from the depths of the esports universe to bring you all the knowledge you need to brace yourselves for the upcoming playoffs.

LCS 2023 SPRING – Teams and Schedule

The Spring Playoffs will feature six teams that have qualified based on their seeding. Brace yourselves, for I shall now reveal their names, in ascending order, as follows:

  • Cloud9
  • FlyQuest
  • 100Thieves
  • CLG
  • Evil Geniuses
  • Golden Guardians

During the regular split, the esports arena was rocked by mind-boggling upsets and wild fluctuations in performance. Cloud9 and FlyQuest emerged as the creme de la creme of the crop, with Cloud9 ultimately prevailing over its rival, thanks to a superior draft. FlyQuest shall seek to avenge its loss and bring the heat in the upcoming playoffs, but its success shall hinge upon its preparation and training.

Coming up from behind, we have 100T, who underwent a massive turnaround, winning their last five games and two tiebreakers. They shall be a dark horse to watch in the playoffs, as they bring with them the strongest momentum of all.

CLG also has a three-game winning streak under its belt, having triumphed over C9 and their direct rivals, the Golden Guardians. Alas, EG and GG have lost all of their games in the past week, and this could harm them as they enter the playoffs. Nonetheless, EG is known for its prowess in the Bo5 series, so it is premature to count them out at this juncture.

If you crave even more esports action, fear not, for we have the entire schedule of the LCS Spring Playoffs, which shall commence on March 23rd. Brace yourselves, for with the latest Mid-Season Invitational format change, the top two teams from playoffs shall qualify for the international tournament.

LCS 2023 SPRING Playoff Bracket

RoundDateMatch Type
1Thursday, Mar. 23rdWinners’ bracket (1st match)
1Friday, Mar. 24thWinners’ bracket (2nd match)
1Saturday, Mar. 25thLosers’ bracket (1st match)
1Sunday, Mar. 26thLosers’ bracket (2nd match)
2Thursday, Mar. 30thWinners’ bracket
2Friday, Mar. 31stLosers’ bracket
3Saturday, Apr. 8thLower bracket final
FinalsSunday, Apr. 9thGrand final

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