New Overwatch 2 Map “Talantis” Proves to be a bit of a bust


Overwatch players were excited to see the latest update that introduced some new and exciting features, including the long-awaited new map, Talantis. The map, which was the first community-made map to be included in the game, promised a unique experience for players. However, it seems that the new Overwatch map is not without its issues. In fact, it’s broken.


Talantis was created by the Overwatch community and was intended to be a less expensive alternative to Blizzard’s official maps. Despite not being included in the main game modes, the inclusion of a community-made map was a refreshing change of pace. Unfortunately, it seems that Talantis was not quite ready for primetime.


As soon as players started exploring the new map, they discovered that it was plagued with major bugs. One of the most frustrating issues was the random deaths that occurred when players left their spawn points. It seemed that players were dying for no apparent reason, and the deaths were happening in a completely unpredictable pattern.


Blizzard has acknowledged the issues with Talantis and has assured players that they are working on fixing the problems. However, due to the limited nature of the map, it will only be available for a week. If any major updates are made, they will likely be included during this period.


It’s worth noting that Talantis is only available in alternative modes and is not part of the competitive gameplay. This means that players won’t encounter the broken map during the Overwatch League or any other major competitive events. It’s simply a fun addition to the game.

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