Overwatch 2 Fans Speculate on Potential Hero Debut: Widowmaker Causes Controversy


The Overwatch 2 fandom is abuzz with speculation over which hero would cause the most chaos if they debuted today, and according to fans, the answer is simple: Widowmaker. Despite a plethora of hero suggestions, the community remains fixated on the infamous sniper, with many believing her precision aim and multi-layered kill potential would completely alter the shooter’s meta.

However, not all players are thrilled with the possibility of Widowmaker’s return. Some argue that her one-shot kill potential, paired with her quick-fire machine gun, would make her overpowered and unfun to play against. Others simply believe that one-shotting with a regular attack has no place in the game.

Despite the controversy surrounding Widowmaker, Blizzard continues to introduce new heroes to Overwatch 2 on a regular basis. With rumors of yet another new hero on the horizon, it remains to be seen whether or not the meta will shift once again.

For now, Widowmaker remains the one-shot sniper queen, and players know how to counter her. As for whether or not she’ll make a comeback as a new hero, only time will tell.

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