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Psyonix, the video game developer behind the hit game Rocket League, has announced its latest limited-time event ‘Drive Days’ is set to kick off this week. Rocket League fans are in for a treat as they will have the opportunity to unlock a new car and play two exciting modes during the event.

Unlock the new ‘Redline’ car through event challenges

Rocket League fans can look forward to unlocking the new ‘Redline’ car by completing event challenges during the Drive Days event. This limited-time event will be available from April 26th to May 10th, giving players two weeks to complete the challenges and earn the new car. Fans can also expect to unlock additional rewards such as the Redline Huntress Decal, Redline Flames Decal, Quick Jump Antenna, and more.

Car Show tab and weekly rotation of 10 cars added to Item Shop

As part of the Drive Days event, Psyonix is also adding a Car Show tab to the Item Shop. Fans can check out a weekly rotation of ten cars in this section, giving them a chance to add some rare and unique vehicles to their garage.

Play two exciting modes during the Drive Days event

During the Drive Days event, fans can play two exciting modes: 2v2 Heatseeker mode and Spike Rish. The 2v2 Heatseeker mode will be available from April 26th to May 3rd, while Spike Rish will be available from May 3rd to May 10th. These modes will give fans a chance to enjoy some new gameplay mechanics and have fun with friends.

Car Show section of Item Shop to feature four rare cars

This week, fans can check out the Car Show section of the in-game Item Shop and find the Cobalt Octane ZSR, Titanium White Cyclone, Crimson Masamune, and Dingo. These cars are rare and can only be found in this section during the Drive Days event.

Earn five Golden Toolboxes through challenges

Fans can earn five Golden Toolboxes by completing challenges during the Drive Days event. These Toolboxes will unlock items from the Nitro Impact and Accelerator Item series.

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