Top 7 Rocket League moves that look sick but I keep forgetting their names

Rocket League

Rocket League is one of the greatest spectator esports around. Even to those who have never touched a video came in their life, the rules and game style of Rocket League are pretty apparent, especially in comparison to mainstream sports. It’s soccer with cars that can fly. This makes Rocket League one of the most accessible esports, with incredible potential to grow.

The most difficult learning curve for a new Rocket League fan is learning the names of all the super cool and difficult maneuvers that are on display at the professional level. Each move’s discovery has its own story, its own technique, and its own namesake. So without further adieu, here are the top 7 sickest Rocket League moves whose names I keep forgetting. 

Musty Flick

Named for its creator, YouTuber and Rocket League content creator Musty, the Musty Flick is an iconic shot in the Rocket League pro scene. After he popularized the move, the community asked Musty to name it. Musty jokingly said “the Musty Flick” and the name stuck.

The Musty flick is accomplished by popping the ball up in the air with the front of your car, followed by a forward facing backflip to hit the ball into the goal. The basic maneuver is not too difficult. Simply jump in the air, tilt your car forward more than 90 degrees, then backflip. If done correctly, your backflip will propel you forward and your car will hit the ball into the goal with style!

Of course, this is easier said than done in game against defenders. For more information about how to master this move, check out Musty’s own tutorial breaking it down!

Tornado Flick

It is unclear who invented the tornado flick, the move has been well known since at least 2017 among high level Rocket League players.

The tornado flick is simply the combination of a tornado spin and a backflip. The tornado spin requires you to bind your air roll to a button, so you can air roll without using your joystick. 

To tornado spin, air roll while also steering with your stick in the opposite direction as your roll. This creates a unique rolling motion that can be useful for a number of aerial maneuvers. To accomplish the Tornado Flick, simply add a backflip during your tornado spin to flick the ball and achieve a remarkable amount of power.  

To learn more, check out Kevpert’s awesome tutorial on the Tornado flick!

Mognus Flick

The Mognus flick, sometimes called the 180 backflip, is named after Finnish Rocket League legend Joonas “Mognus” Salo. The move involves doing an aerial 180 followed by a backflip to score on an opponents net.

The move is simple in theory, but very difficult to master. All a player needs to do to score a Mognus Flick goal is pop the ball up in the air off the hood of your car, jump and do a 180 in the air, and finally backflip into the ball at the right moment to score the goal. The Mognus Flip is an iconic move that all serious Rocket League players and esport fans should know about.

Doomsee Dish

The Doomsee Dish is one of the easier moves to accomplish on this list. Named after British Rocket League professional Ryan “Doomsee” Graham, the Doomsee Dish involves attacking the net from your opponents corner.

To accomplish the move, a player must dribble the ball into their opponents corner and then pop the ball off the wall in front of the goal. To complete the maneuver, jump and boost away from the wall and flick the ball into the goal using a front flip. 

A helpful tip is to line up parallel to the wall and tap the ball directly over the big boost pad in the corner. It may take some practice, but eventually you’ll get a feel for how hard you need to hit it to set up the Doomsee Dish off your opponents back wall.

Kevpert also has a great tutorial on this move, if you are looking to add it to your arsenal!

Guillotine Pass

The guillotine pass, sometimes called the Bevel Pass, refers to when a player passes the ball off the top corner of their opponents backboard. If the correct angle is hit, the ball will go directly downward in front of your opponents goal, like the descending blade of a guillotine… I guess. This move requires a lot of precision and there is no easy way to consistently pull off the move, other than a shit ton of practice.

Flip Reset

If you asked most casual fans to name one complex move, they would probably name the Flip Reset. The flip reset is technically any time you hit a surface with all four wheels, thus resetting your ability to flip in the air. The move was made famous by SquishyMuffins when he flip reset in the RLCS Season 6 grand final series. 

Most commonly, the move involves landing on the ceiling to set up an aerial shot, but there are many diverse uses for the flip reset tech. 


Created by HelvetiaGaming, and named in his honor by Reddit, the Hel-Jump is a wave dash tech that allows people to use the group to flip reset while maintaining car speed.

The move requires a player to jump, tilt their car forward, and boost right before landing on their front wheels. Right after landing, the front wheels will pop into the air at which point boost will carry the player into a wave jump, while keeping their ability to flip in the air. This is an advanced maneuver that is very useful for higher level players.

If you want to learn this move, check out HelvetiaGaming’s tutorial breaking it down.

Those are my top 7 incredible moves that I always forget the name of! This list only scratches the surface of the many complex and interesting moves in Rocket League, and it’s only a matter of time before Rocket League’s ingenious community discovers even more interesting maneuvers. 

What is your favorite Rocket League move? If we missed any of your favorite iconic moves, leave them in the comments below!

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