How to Get Agents in Valorant and Dominate the Game


Dive into the world of Valorant with an arsenal of powerful agents by your side, ready to conquer the battlefield. Discover the secrets to acquiring agents and gain a competitive edge in this exhilarating tactical shooter.

  • Curiosity about how to obtain new agents in Valorant
  • Concerns about the process and requirements for unlocking agents
  • Wondering if there are any tips or strategies to expedite the agent acquisition

Unlocking agents in Valorant is an exciting and rewarding journey

By accumulating in-game currency known as Valorant Points (VP) or Radiant Points (RP), you can purchase agents from the in-game store. Additionally, you can unlock agents by completing contracts or leveling up your Battle Pass. With dedication and smart resource management, you’ll have a diverse roster of agents at your disposal in no time.

  • Earning Valorant Points or Radiant Points is essential for acquiring new agents.
  • Contracts and Battle Pass progression offer alternative methods to unlock agents.
  • Patience and strategic resource allocation are key to building an impressive agent collection.

Optimizing Your Valorant Agent Acquisition Strategy

Developing an effective strategy can significantly enhance your agent acquisition process in Valorant. By following these tips, you’ll be able to unlock agents efficiently and make the most of your in-game resources.

As an avid Valorant player, I have personally witnessed the impact of a well-thought-out agent acquisition strategy. By prioritizing agents that complemented my playstyle and saving up Valorant Points, I was able to unlock key characters that elevated my gameplay to new heights. Not only did this enhance my enjoyment of the game, but it also increased my competitiveness in ranked matches.

Exploring the Agent Unlocking Methods in Valorant

  1. Valorant Points (VP) and Radiant Points (RP): Valorant Points and Radiant Points are the primary currencies in Valorant that allow you to purchase agents from the in-game store. VP can be acquired through microtransactions, while RP is earned by progressing through the ranked competitive mode. Saving up these points and spending them wisely will grant you access to a wide range of agents, each with unique abilities and playstyles.
  2. Contracts: Contracts provide an alternative method to unlock agents in Valorant. By completing specific challenges and objectives, you progress through a contract associated with a particular agent. As you advance, you unlock rewards, including the agent itself. Contracts offer a more immersive and engaging way to obtain agents, encouraging players to explore different aspects of the game while working towards their desired character.
  3. Battle Pass: Valorant’s Battle Pass system introduces a seasonal progression track that rewards players with various cosmetic items, including agents. By leveling up your Battle Pass, you can unlock new agents as you reach specific milestones. This not only adds an extra layer of excitement to the progression process but also ensures that dedicated players are regularly rewarded with fresh and exciting content.

Going Beyond the Basics

To further enhance your agent acquisition journey, consider the following:

  • Experiment with different agents during free rotation periods to determine which playstyles and abilities suit your preferences.
  • Stay up-to-date with Valorant’s patch notes and updates, as new agents may be introduced periodically, offering fresh gameplay opportunities.
  • Engage with the Valorant community by participating in forums, watching tutorials, or joining Discord servers, as these platforms often provide valuable insights and strategies on agent selection and unlocking.

In conclusion, unlocking agents in Valorant requires a combination of in-game currency management, completion of contracts, and progressing through the Battle Pass. By adopting a strategic approach, prioritizing your preferred playstyle, and staying informed about the latest updates, you’ll assemble an impressive roster of agents that will empower you to dominate the game and achieve victory.

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