Rime Gaming Makes a Splash with New Overwatch 2 Skin Perfect for Summer


Get ready for a wave of excitement as Rime Gaming unveils its latest gift to Overwatch 2 players: a stunning new Legendary skin that captures the essence of summer. This announcement is sure to get fans amped up for the upcoming season.

Dive into Prime Gaming for the Exclusive Waveracer Skin

Prime Gaming has just dropped a bombshell with its latest offering for Overwatch 2. Starting today, players can head over to Prime Gaming and claim the coveted Waveracer skin for D.Va. All you need to do is connect your Prime Gaming account with Amazon and Battle.net, and then hit the purple “To get in-game content” button. It’s that simple!

Hang Ten with D.Va’s New Look

This extraordinary skin transforms D.Va’s mech into a sleek white jet ski, adorned with vibrant blue floral accents. Equipped with an emergency plane and a beach-ready pilot, it’s the perfect ensemble for hitting the waves. The pilot herself rocks a water vest that matches the mech’s accents, while the rest of her outfit boasts a bold red hue.

A Blast from the Past

Originally released in 2018 as part of the Summer Games event, this limited-time skin quickly became a fan favorite. During the Summer Games events, players could unlock skins from previous years using loot boxes or in-game currency. And now, the Waveracer skin is back, just in time for summer!

The Curious Case of Credit Exclusivity

One observant fan took to the game’s forums to voice their disappointment, questioning why the Waveracer skin couldn’t be purchased with Overwatch credits. After all, most legacy content can be acquired through in-game currency. It turns out that Blizzard had a sneaky plan up their sleeves. By making the skin exclusive to Prime Gaming, they ensured that players couldn’t use their hard-earned credits to unlock it. Perhaps Blizzard knew that many players would eventually stumble upon this fantastic skin for free.

Time Is of the Essence

If you’re eager to snag the Waveracer skin, you better act fast. Prime Gaming is offering this exclusive deal until June 22. After that, it’s unclear whether the skin will be vaulted or if players will have the option to purchase it using Overwatch credits, assuming they don’t have Prime Gaming.

Prime Gaming: A Treasure Trove for Overwatch 2 Players

Prime Gaming has been a goldmine of free content for Overwatch 2 enthusiasts. Last month alone, subscribers received $10 worth of battle pass experience, and now they can indulge in a range of exciting cosmetics in-game. With Prime Gaming, the gifts just keep on giving!

So, if you’re itching to ride the waves with D.Va’s incredible new skin, don’t miss out on the Prime Gaming offer. It’s time to make a splash in Overwatch 2 and show off your summer style!

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