Valorant Fans Anticipate the Next Agent to Have Counter-Strike 2 Inspired Abilities


The Valorant community has been abuzz with excitement and speculation about the upcoming agent. Players are eagerly anticipating the arrival of a new character who will bring fresh and exciting gameplay mechanics to the table. One particular feature that many fans are hoping for is a smoke-removal ability that is inspired by Counter-Strike 2.

As mentioned earlier, CS2 introduced a new smoke dynamic that reacts dynamically to lighting and bullet penetration. This interaction allows players to clear out the smoke by shooting bullets or firing utility nades into it, which can be a game-changer for strategies and gameplay. Valorant players have taken notice of this new smoke dynamic and are hoping to see it incorporated into the next agent’s abilities.

Fans Want a New Valorant Agent with a Game-Changing Ability

The ability to remove smoke is a significant point of comparison between Valorant and CS:GO, which is seen as the king of the FPS genre. While both games emphasize tactical gunplay and precise aiming, Valorant stands out because it capitalizes on agents with unique abilities. By incorporating a smoke removal ability inspired by CS2, Valorant can offer a fresh and exciting gameplay mechanic that is unique to the game.

Players want to see a character that can clear out the fog, which would give them an advantage in a tactical gunfight. The new dynamic smoke mechanic allows players to strategize and plan their attacks around the fog, and with the addition of a smoke removal ability, Valorant can offer even more strategic depth to its gameplay.

Valorant Versus CS:GO – What Makes Them Different?

Valorant and CS:GO are both tactical shooters that require precise aiming and strategic gameplay. However, they differ in how they approach the use of abilities and utilities. Valorant relies on its agents’ unique abilities to set up various strategies, while CS:GO relies on raw gunplay and the usage of utilities.

Valorant gives more importance to team composition, and various agents have different toolkits to help their team. In contrast, CS:GO doesn’t consider this aspect since everyone has access to the same equipment and utilities. These differences make it challenging to compare the two games directly, but the addition of a smoke removal ability could give Valorant an edge in the genre.

When Will the Next Agent Be Released?

The release of a new agent is always an exciting event for Valorant players, and many are wondering when the next character will arrive. According to Riot Games, new agents usually come out every episode, and the latest agent, Gekko, was released in Episode 6: Revelation.

Since the last three agents were Initiators and a Duelist, fans are speculating that the next character will be a Controller. This class is designated as the team smoker to cover their team or block enemy vision. However, it’s not guaranteed since Riot will decide on the agent’s field depending on the meta or necessity.

Every episode has three acts, each lasting for almost two months, so fans can expect the third part of Revelation to end around June. The next episode could come out during that time, so players should stay tuned and enjoy the latest release of Gekko and the new battle pass. There are also new Valorant skins in the item shop, including the Altitude bundle, Gaia 2.0, and Elderflame 2.0. Head to the in-game store to check out the latest collections available.

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