Valorant Leaks 2023: Two New Agents: SmokeDancer and Cashew


Hold on to your gaming seats, folks, because VALORANT is about to take the gaming world by storm once again! Brace yourselves for the arrival of not just one, but two brand-new agents: SmokeDancer and Cashew. These agents are all set to shake up the gameplay with their unique abilities and intriguing backgrounds. Let’s dive in and explore what we know so far!

SmokeDancer: The Controller with Smoke-Neutralizing Abilities

Rumors and insider leaks suggest that SmokeDancer is going to be a controller agent like no other. With the ability to neutralize smoke, this agent is sure to turn the tides of battle. Picture this: enemies shrouded in a dense cloud of smoke, and suddenly, SmokeDancer appears, effortlessly dissipating the fog, leaving your foes exposed and vulnerable.

Lotus Map: Clues to SmokeDancer’s Origins

If you’re curious about SmokeDancer’s background, look no further than the VALORANT map called “Lotus.” This intriguing location holds hints that suggest a connection between SmokeDancer and the captivating Dravidian architecture and culture found in India or Pakistan. The influence of this vibrant and diverse region might just shape SmokeDancer’s abilities and story in the game.

Sound-Based Abilities? Listen Closely!

While we’re still piecing together the puzzle of SmokeDancer’s abilities, there are some intriguing breadcrumbs to follow. The in-game Lotus dossier and Icebox emails tease us with references to sonic booms and thunderstorms. Could this mean that SmokeDancer’s powers will be sound-based? Imagine wreaking havoc on the battlefield by manipulating sound waves, creating chaos, and catching your enemies off guard. It’s definitely something to keep an ear out for!

Release Date: The Countdown Begins

The million-dollar question remains: When can we expect to see SmokeDancer in action? Well, the release date for this exciting agent is still shrouded in mystery. However, there’s a glimmer of hope that SmokeDancer will make a grand entrance during the highly anticipated VCT Champions 2023 event. Fingers crossed, fellow gamers!

Cashew: The Enigmatic Sentinel Agent

Now, let’s shift our focus to the enigmatic agent known as Cashew. While details about Cashew’s abilities and class are scarce, the VALORANT community is buzzing with speculation. Many believe that Cashew will fill the role of a Sentinel, protecting the team and holding down crucial areas of the map. But as for the exact nature of Cashew’s powers, we’ll have to wait and see!

“Death Trap” Player Card: A Sneak Peek into Cashew’s World

Riot Games, the brilliant minds behind VALORANT, dropped a little teaser to pique our interest. The “Death Trap” player card offers a glimpse into Cashew’s abilities. Featuring cryogenic chambers and the tantalizing notion of an old agent awakening from cryo-sleep, this card has fans theorizing about what Cashew brings to the table. Brace yourselves for some icy surprises, my friends!

Keeping the Meta Fresh: VALORANT’s Commitment to Innovation

VALORANT has always been dedicated to providing an ever-evolving gaming experience. Introducing new agents on a regular basis keeps the meta dynamic and ensures that players are constantly facing fresh challenges. SmokeDancer and Cashew are just the latest additions to VALORANT’s growing roster of diverse and captivating characters. Get ready to explore their abilities, uncover

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