VALORANT Premier: A New Competitive Team System for All Players (Video)


Riot Games is bringing the competitive experience of VALORANT to all players through a new game mode called Premier. It is designed to make the game more accessible and casual while still providing a competitive atmosphere. Many players have been asking for a system similar to League of Legends Clash since the launch of VALORANT. With Premier, we can now enjoy the more competitive aspect of the game without the need to be in a major competition.

Premier Beta Release

Riot Games has set certain requirements for the upcoming Premier beta, which will be available on April 25. Players must complete a qualifier in any Act of the game, undergo SMS verification, and form or join a team with 5 to 7 members. Once the team is formed, the person who created it must register it and select the zone, which will determine the servers and schedule for the game.

Equal Opportunities for All Teams

To ensure fair competition, the system will have 20 divisions based on the average MMR of the 5 best players on the team. Once registered, teams can play up to two games a week and earn points based on their performance. Those with enough points will qualify for the elimination tournament.

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Premier Format

The Premier format includes a unique player card and title for the winners of the main draw. Losers will move to the consolation bracket to compete for at least third place. Even participating in a game earns players a title and player card.

Riot Games plans to assign each team to a division so that the winners can participate in tournaments and work their way up to becoming professionals. The system aims to provide more opportunities for players to aspire to become professionals and for the best players to compete with the professionals.

However, Riot Games is still working on the details of how to integrate Premier into the current VALORANT esports ecosystem, especially since each region will have unique requirements.

Are You Ready to Compete?

VALORANT Premier brings the competitive experience of the game to all players in a casual and accessible way. With the upcoming beta release on April 25, it’s time to gather your friends and show off your competitive side. Get ready to form a team, register it, and join the exciting world of Premier. Who knows? You might be the next professional VALORANT player.

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